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Fill level control



I'm starting to modelate a CIP (Clean In place) system in Plant simulation but I need to make a control on the fill level of the tank. Is there any chance to do this? the attribute currentFillLevel can't be watched so I can´t make a method for the observer so I don´t really know how to make it.


Thank you in advance

Re: Fill level control
[ Edited ]

you can use a generator and a method to observe the filling level. Read in the method the filling level and store this value into a global variable, the generator should call this method e.g. each minute. In the global variable you cann add an observer for the attribute value, here you can react to the change of the filling level.


PS: this is not the right place for these kind of questings, there is a Plant Simulation forum --> Tecnomatix - Plant Simulation

Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist