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Fluids Tutorial




I want to know if there are any examples or tutorials for the fluids package.


Thank you in advance.


Julian Alvarez


Re: Fluids Tutorial

in the Plant Simulation Small-Examples collection:
Category: Continous material flow
Topic: free flowing materials

some on my site and there is also a chapter about it in my book:
just look for "fluid"

Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist  

Re: Fluids Tutorial


Thank you very much. I also have another question, when I start simulating the program shows an error that says that the outflow of the tank 1 is less than the inflow . However, in this point the tank is full so there´s still some fluid on it. How can I suppress this error? Or there is another posibility to separate streams?

Re: Fluids Tutorial

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor

Hello Julian,


This has to do with the fact that this Tank is nearly full, and the amount going out in a certain time frame is smaller than the amount going in. As a result you would end up with a tank that is full plus a little bit extra. Plant Simulation cannot handle this.


When I have come across these errors, I first check my system with my customer. In my experience these systems are build with very simple controls in place; for example can the tank unload and load simultaneously? Usually this is not the case and you can simply solve the issue by closing and opening the Entrance of the tank when it is loading / unloading.


When you can load / unload simultaneously you could add a sensor to 99.x%, where when you have an overflow you set the inbound flow equal to the outbound flow, and when it goes under you restore it to the original values.


I would suggest, however, first checking the original controls in the system you are trying to build!