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Presentation: A short introduction to embedded optimization

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A short introduction to embedded optimization         

Presenter:  Dr. Peter-Michael Schmidt, Siemens Industry Software GmbH, Germany

Dr. Peter-Michael Schmidt works for Siemens Industry Software in Stuttgart.

He received his doctorate in Mathematics from the University of Jena, majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Physics. He has been working with the simulation systems Simple++, eM-Plant, and Plant Simulation since 1995.

From 2005 on until now he is a lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Esslingen.

Presentation: A short introduction to embedded optimization

Plant Simulation contains an integrated optimizer based on Genetic Algorithms.

We will briefly explain the basics of Genetic Algorithms.

There are two principal connections of simulation and optimization.

First, simulation can be used as evaluator for optimization.

The second connection is less known, namely using optimization as an integrated part of the simulation.

We demonstrate and present both applications in Plant Simulation.

The presentation is attached in PDF format.


Dr. Peter-Michael SchmidtDr. Peter-Michael Schmidt