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Presentation: Automated model generation of production lines in Plant Simulation

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Community Manager

Automated model generation of production lines in Plant Simulation      

Presenter:   Artur Davtyan, Comau Deutschland GmbH, Germany           

Artur Davtyan, Comau Germany presents an Automated Model Generation tool within Plant Simulation to reduce modelling time, decrease the probability of modelling failures, give a fast testing opportunity and to give an overview of parameters modeled. He shows how to import Information from Excel for a station-based availability calculation and how to include customer specific availability, MTTR & MTBF times. Finally the global availability of each protection area (PA) is calculated.


Comau, as part of FCA Group, is a member of several major sustainability indexes, including the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World. In 2015, the Group received a score of 88/100 compared with an overall average of 60/100 for Automobiles sector companies evaluated.

The presentation is attached in pdf format.


Artur DavtyanArtur Davtyan