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Presentation: Connecting Plant Simulation with mobile 3D & Virtual Reality Systems

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Community Manager

Connecting Plant Simulation with mobile 3D & Virtual Reality Systems e.g. using an Oculus Rift; more3D GmbH & Co KG; Germany

Presenters: Gottfried Roosen, and Stefan Koch

Gottfried Roosen works as a consultant for Industry 4.0, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for more3D with a strong background of informatics and  computer graphics since 1987. He started with Virtual reality in the very beginning at 1993 with 3D development software and in 1997 interactive immersive visualization projects in digital factory and industry for major Automotive OEMs became his main focus. Gottfried Roosen is the organizer and mentor of the annual VR AR Symposium in Heidelberg since 2011,  a yearly industry event for virtual engineering, simulation and industry 4.0 solutions.  

Stefan J. Koch works for the German 3D and VR specialist more3D in Bonn. Studying maths and phyiscs he started to develop 3D hardware solutions and software designs for more3D, becoming a full time employee. Over ten years of profound experience and knowledge about visualization technology and their application make Mr. Koch a professional for 3D and VR.

Industry 4.0 accelerates workflows and saves time and money. 
The presentation will show how easy it can be to apply the benefits of 3D Stereo Visualization and Virtual Reality to your existing environment. 
Stereoscopic visualization can be applied at every workstation, giving the user an intuitive feeling for size and relation of objects.
Virtual Reality Cave Systems enable users to collaborate in a natural way, even when being in remote sites.

more3D develops and markets 3D and VR solution for over 15 years and we are sharing our experience with you.

Stefan KochStefan Koch

Gottfried RoosenGottfried Roosen