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Presentation: Digital Factory/Hospital Planning Integration of material flow simulation.....

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Digital Factory/Hospital Planning
Integration of material flow simulation on a Greenfield factory and hospital planning

Presenter: Gime Batija, UNITY AG, Germany 

In his presentation Gime Batija, UNITY AG, Germany describes both, the steps of Digital Factory planning for a Greenfield factory as well as the steps of a Digital hospital planning. In the Digital Hospital planning the functionality of the ambulance simulation model is a central topic. There the “to-be processes” are represented by ‘treating a patient’ and ‘planning ambulance. The number of patients based on as-is data analysis is evaluated, resulting in adjustments according to the predicted number of cases. The opening hours of ambulances are considered including the allocation of examination rooms, the staffing and a redesigned to-be layout. Simulation of an examination center leads to reducing waiting periods, optimization of spatial use, securing operational concept, dimensioning and layout optimization and the validation of future scenarios.


  • Cleaning of rooms
  • Delays according to normal distribution
  • Transport of patients
  • Patients and physicians
  • Duration of diagnostic examinations

The presentation is attached in pdf format.