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Presentation: Hands on workshop “Create Visually Pleasing and Realistic 3D Models”

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Community Manager


Angela Roesch  Siemens PLM Software GmbH, Germany

Angela RoeschAngela Roesch







Peter Komarek, Siemens PLM Software GmbH, Germany

Peter Komarek,Peter Komarek,







Plant Simulation 13.0 provides a set of new standard and configurable graphics to model realistic 3D plants. It also facilitates the integration and modification of built-in and customized graphics to approximate your model to the real-world look of your plant. Finally it includes a number of features to assist in the presentation of your 3D models. Based on this Peter Komarek described and Angela Roesch showed how to interactively create an appealing 3D model.

The attached pdf-file includes the presented slides as well as notes that explain the steps to reconstruct the demonstrated Plant Simulation 13.0 tasks using the provided models and graphics of the attached zip-file.


3D presentation 1.jpg