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Presentation: How a world leader in melt shop building uses Plant Simulation

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How a world leader in melt shop building uses Plant Simulation: Continuous casting machine and transportation equipment.

Presenters: Patrizia Bucci and Guilia Bruno from SIM.TEC. SRL Italy.

Material flow analysis on production and logistic systems (Plant simulation)

Danieli Steel Mill simulation, This is a part of a global Danieli project call simSPD: a package use to support and validate decisions taken during design concept stage.

With this tool (created with and for Danieli) it is possible to build a model of a given steel making plant with all the equipment involved in the production flow.

SIM.TEC. SRL Italy created an user-friendly tool used by the engineering department using Plant Simulation Dialog Box, Tables and Excel data files

Continuous Casting Machine features

The aims of the library are the following: 

  1. a)         To make the user able to create and modify the strand lines when creating and setting the model
  2. b)         To receive and evacuate the ladles coming from the steel mill
  3. c)         To execute the connection/disconnection operation of tundish and ladle, and the preparation of the strand lines during the simulation time
  4. d)         To manage the strand operations in terms of opening and closing the flow, also changing lines’ speed according to the production plan
  5. e)         To cut the semi-products according to the production plan (the endless mode is taken into account)
  6. f)         To detect the steel waste from tundish and ladle when leaving the CCM, in order to update production report
  7. g)         To manage the restraining operations
  8. h)         To optimize the mould handling, in case of different mould parking
  9. i)          To manage and report eventual broken sequence

The presentation is attached in PDF format.