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Presentation: Introduction to SimTalk 2.0

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Community Manager

Introduction to SimTalk 2.0       

Presenter: Michael Joos, Siemens Industry Software GmbH, Germany 

We moderately enhanced SimTalk in order to increase user-friendliness. Michael Joos gives an overview of the syntax changes and the new features, comparing the old and new syntax. This includes variable and parameter declarations, loops, default arguments and more. He also shows how to automatically convert SimTalk 1.0 Methods into the new SimTalk 2.0 syntax. When you load a model, which you saved in a previous version of Plant Simulation, it will run without changes.

SimTalk 1.0 Methods and SimTalk 2.0 Methods can be used in the same model in parallel.

The ribbon button Method > Tools > New Syntax independently sets for each Method if the source code has to be entered in SimTalk 1.0 or SimTalk 2.0 syntax


Michael JoosMichael Joos