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Presentation: Karis Pro autonomous intralogistics robots

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Community Manager

Karis Pro autonomous intralogistics robots; Industrie 4.0, the Internet of Things, proclaims independent acting individual objects. Can they be modeled in a discrete event simulation tool?

Presenter: Stefan Pfaff, PPI - Informatik

Karis Pro stands for Kleinskaliges Autonomes Redundantes Intralogistik System in der Produktion or (in English) Smallscale Autonomous Redundant Intralogistic System in Production (Saris Pro).  Karis Pro (Saris Pro) is a multi-company research project funded by the BMBF.  Starting in 2014 until 2016, KARIS used Swarm Behavior, instead of a central coordination, as a proper behavior which is directly selected according to the context that is used by the robot to keep cooperating with others and to resolve path collisions.  The same algorithms to detect the situation and select the proper behaviors are implemented in the KARIS library.  The University of Freiburg is using ROS (Robot Operating System) and Stage for development and simulation of the KARIS navigation controls.  This includes solving the complex task of multi-robot motion planning.  To avoid collisions between the robots, a decoupled approach by combining decentralized path planning methods and swarm technologies was implemented.  Tasks for the simulation are to calculate the number of KARIS vehicles necessary for desired system output, the required number and location of battery charging stations, best parameter settings for energy management, optimized parameter settings used in order to fulfill management strategies, like priorities, weights for auction bids, etc., and to support the planning of the KARIS periphery within the production process.

The presentation is attached in pdf format.

Stefan PfaffStefan Pfaff