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Presentation: Model result documentation using HTML reports fast and efficient

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Model result documentation using HTML reports fast and efficient

Presenter: Martin Lemburg, Siemens Industry Software GmbH, Germany

Martin Lemburg works for Siemens PLM Software in Berlin.

He received his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg. He has over fifteen years of experience in software development in the field of simulation software.

Martin Lemburg explains in practical examples the fast and efficient use of HTML reports in Plant Simulation. The Plant Simulation model is available under the name 32_ComplexReportDemo.spp attached. The HTML report is built from a plain text which contains syntactical elements similar to the MarkDown syntax. The syntactical elements allow to structure the report, to format text, objects, their attributes, images, etc. are accessed by the syntactical elements. Formulas can be inserted as well as the HTML report can use other HTML report objects in a modular way. Pure HTML can be used in the plain text. The HTML report can be saved into one HTML file to be shared. Syntax elements – text indention and orientation are supported.

The presentation and the model are attached.

Martin LemburgMartin Lemburg


Martin LemburgMartin Lemburg