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Presentation: Plant Simulation - A controls partner’s story

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Plant Simulation - A controls partner's story

Presenter: Gareth Henry, The Automated Technology Group Ltd.

This is a presentation to show how a control partner uses Plant Simulation by demonstrating this with a case study of a recant project, outlining the custom items that have been to be built within the Plant Simulation environment to aid our projects. 

Challenge within the project: how to increase the current throughput from 30 parts per hour to the required throughput of 50 parts per hour. How can a 66% increase be achieved? ATG was given the task of re-writing the PLC software for an existing system and increasing the throughput. If ATG couldn’t achieve the required figures using the DES, they would not go ahead with the re-write and Virtual Commissioning (VC).

The Solution: Achieved throughput of 58 parts per hour.

ATG achieved through the simulation 58 parts per hour this was achieved with the following improvements being made these changes will be shown in more detail on a live running simulation of this project in a bit: Sensor added to conveyor before the first turntable to allow earlier release of the next platen, adding sensors to false lorry to allow earlier loading of false lorry, not wait for roller door to close before loading the next false lorry load, speeding up of the manual area rollers beds.

For any further optimization to increase the throughput of the system would involve major changes – this was outside scope of project. The customer was happy with the results from the DES and so the re-write and Virtual Commissioning went ahead. Currently being commissioning on-site so ATG  is looking forward to comparing the real-life improvements to the DES output.

About ATG

ATG – A Wood Group Mustang Company

Wood Group – an international energy services company

Wood Group Mustang – delivering services to the global energy industry

Automated Technology Group – part of Wood Group Mustang’s Automation and Control business unit.

“Wood Group Mustang’s global resources and diversified project experience will enable ATG to undertake larger projects and access key growth opportunities outside the UK, building upon our custom solutions for our clients”. Andy Robinson Group CEO.

ATG is using Tecnomatix Plant Simulation for the full range of activates from Sales Tool, design verification all the way to system optimization. ATG is planning to increase their use of Tecnomatix Plant Simulation across all areas of the business, as well as improving their development of custom components.

The presentation in pdf format is attached.


Gareth HenryGareth Henry