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Presentation: STS library for complex assembly and logistics - new version 10.

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STS library for complex assembly and logistics - new version 10.

Presenter: STS library for complex assembly and logistics - new version 10.

STS stands for the Simulation Toolkit Shipbuilding. It contains a library of simulation tools for complex assembly and logistics, e.g. site production of one-of-a-kind products, outfitting procedures, terminal logistics, space allocation challenges, and wind farm installations. The software Environment is based on Plant Simulation. The libraries have been established in 2000 and are provided by Flensburger Shipyard together with SimPlan AG.

Goals are:

  • Efficient and effective model building
  • Implementation of well-proven modelling approaches
  • Provision of best practice scenarios
  • Individual adjustability of models
    • Interfaces for user rules and specific settings
  • Cooperative development
    • SimCoMar (maritime industry)
    • SIMoFIT (interbranch)
  • Interbranch applicability
    • Construction industry
    • Plant construction industry
    • Machine building industry

SIMoFIT – Simulation of Outfitting
in Shipbuilding and Civil Engineering

  • Simulation of Outfitting Processes in Shipbuilding and Civil Engineering
  • Cooperation of shipyards and civil engineers
  • Basis for development: STS (Simulation Toolkit Shipbuilding)
  • Constraint based simulation: generic definition of constraints
  • Space allocation
  • Complex assembly procedures
  • Complex logistics
  • Steel fabrication
  • Railway traffic

The presentation is attached in PDF format.