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Presentation: Standardized simulation of complex AGV systems at EK Automation

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Standardized simulation of complex AGV systems at EK Automation

Presenter: Florian Johannsen, E&K Automation GmbH, Germany.

The main business of EK Automation is the production and installation of AGV systems. As these material flow systems are getting more and more complex it became necessary for EK to be able to do simulation studies in advance to ensure the correct dimensioning in terms of vehicle quantity or transport strategies and identify potential risks as early as possible in the corresponding projects. Nowadays there is a rapidly increasing number of systems with more than 100 vehicles existing. Due to that fact the high customer demand made it necessary to create a standardized process and toolset for simulation studies to get in the position to realize them quickly and in a simple and repeatable way.

EK Automation created a library enabling to simulate AGV systems fast and efficient based on the same toolset objects.

Modifications can be created on demand.

This toolset is available as a standard object library within EK Automation.

Standardized simulation helps speeding up simulation projects by 60-80% compared with starting from scratch.

Classification and splitting of workload helps reducing reaction times significantly.

The presentation is attached in PDF format.