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Presentation: The use of Plant Simulation in planning an industrial painting system

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Community Manager

The use of Plant Simulation in planning an industrial painting system: Plant Simulation in field of coating technologies (wet coating, powder coating) and surface treatment.

Presenter: Jaroslaw Szadura, ADL Sp.z.o.o., Polska

Simulation of coating systems, e.g. models of powder paint shop systems.

Logic of workpiece advance on a Power and Free (P&F) conveyor

Graphical representation of work piece advance

Testing of various production variants

Range of study:

Logic of work piece advance on a P&F conveyor,

Operation of automatic hoists

Sorting work pieces and composing packets of hangers

Testing production program scenarios

Visualization in 2D and 3D

Energy consumption analysis

ADAL Sp. z o.o., Polska, ADAL plans and builds industrial paint shops in the area of:

Powder coating, Painting with liquid paint, special surface coating processes, ADAL produces machinery and equipment required to carry out the technology: like baths for chemical processes with wastewater treatment systems, units for KTL ACC coating, Devices for applying powder and liquid paints, Oven driers with heating and heat recovery systems, Conveyor systems, Control systems.