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SimPlan Workshop: Result data handling: Data Export via SQLite and Access Interface plus SimAssist..


Collecting statistical information and analyzing these results in a professional and standardized way, constitutes an important factor for the success of a simulation study. Learn the SimPlan way of doing it and get a first impression of our Logisticsuite Library and our SimAssist package. The workshop will cover the collection of statistics including their transfer to SQLite or MS Access and introduce the versatile possibilities to analyze, visualize and document the results when using SimAssist.


Workshop: 15:00 - 16:00

Room:        Stuttgart


For those you want to participate, the PLANT Simulation training package ( is now ready for download. (Recommendation: Unpack it in following folder C:\Workshop_Usermeeting)

THe package includes:


SimPlan_Workshop.reg                    License for the SimPlan Library objects

Workshop_V8_Lizenz                       Demo Model for the training sessions

ODBClistxxx:                                     Dll for ODBC Handling with PLANT

demoAccess.accdb:                           Demo MS Access Database

demoSQLite:                                      Demo SQLite Databse

Workshop_Usermeeting.simassist:    SimAssist Projektfile for Demonstration

Workshop_Usermeeting_V8.pdf:       Handout for workshop


Our SimAssist application has to be downloaded separately:



UserName:  Gast1

Passwort:     Pass.Wort


If you have installation problems, please contact us by Email or visit us our SimPlan booth on the user conference, where you will get the SimAssist license key.


Looking forward to meet you on the user conference


Stephan Stauber