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Podracer Rendering Contest

Welcome to the Solid Edge Podracer Rendering Contest! It's that time again. Time to feel the GeForce coursing through your Spaceball, No time to count mitochondrions, or dodge Tusken raiders, this is the Kessel run of rendering. Anyway, we just want to have a little fun with rendering cool models, and a little friendly competition.

The purpose of this contest is to have some fun with setting up renderings with Solid Edge and using KeyShot to make the render. Download the parasolid model from this link, and have at it!

The prize for the winner will be the winner's choice from a cache of branded goods, and Siemens will ship it to you. Submissions for this contest will be taken until November 30, 2015. Voting will take place December 1 - 6, and the winner announced on December 7, 2015.

Votes are done by kudos, and you are allowed to vote once in the contest. The entrant with the most kudos wins. Each entrant can submit multiple renderings.

We will discuss the renderings, so be prepared to share how you did what you did. You can add backgrounds, lighting, props, edit the model provided, but the model provided must be prominently displayed in the rendering.

Siemens reserves the right to use images submitted to this contest for other purposes.

Continue on to the Entries tab, and submit your entry. Submitted images should be high resolution (300dpi) and at least 1200 pixels wide.