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Making Sense of Current Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Demands


Application lifecycle management (ALM) is no longer a solution that decision makers can ignore as part of their development plans. Utilizing three core principles - collaboration, traceability, and workflow - it’s become easier to pass audits, compliance checks, and regulatory inspections using traceability that is easily implemented.

The use of ALM gives engineers the ability to keep traceability at the forefront - with a focus on links found between files and Work items. Unified ALM helps bring development teams together, at a time when software is becoming a critical part of the product lifecycle process. Polarion ALM helps give your team a solution able to highlight requirements, coding, testing, and release - while your teams can work on projects in a timely manner.

Earlier in the year, Polarion Software was awarded as “Market Leader” by The Ovum research group in the following categories: Application Lifecycle Management Solution Report and Agile Project Management Solution Report. To learn why Polarion ALM was chosen, please CLICK HERE to visit the link.