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PALM on LinkedIn: your invitation to the "ground floor"

By Stefano Rizzo Without tightly integrating the software development process with product manufacturing, mistakes happen that companies cannot afford to make – errors that can even be a matter of life and death. The good news is that tighter integration between Application Lifecycle Management and Product Lifecycle Management – the convergence of PLM and ALM – can change all this, reconfiguring systems engineering for the better and offering greater management control. Polarion has been at the forefront this initiative – an approach that we call "product and application lifecycle management" (PALM). I have started a new open LinkedIn group Polarion PALM. I invite you to join me, my colleagues at Polarion Software, and group members from a number of industries as we carry on discussing and learning about this trend that, although still young, is already upon us. Looking forward to meeting you on LinkedIn!
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Editor's Note: Stefano Rizzo is Polarion's SVP Strategy & Business Development. His ALM-PLM whitepaper is currently one of our site's most popular downloads.


Why ALM & PLM Need Each Other