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Polarion ALM Demo at Embedded Technology Show in Japan

In November, 2013, Polarion's partner Toyo Corporation showed off Polarion ALM at a major trade show in Japan. "We participated in the exhibition called Embedded Technology 2013," said Tamami Inokuchi, partnership manager  at Toyo. "Of course we displayed Polarion (panel and demo), and many people were interested in your products." Japan, with its extensive automotive and electronics industries, is a hotbed for embedded software and systems developers, so we're very excited to have our ALM product demonstrated at this show there, as Polarion ALM is the perfect solution for managing embedded software projects and coupling software and hardware engineering (especially when coupled with Polarion Automotive Solutions).
Toyo Corp demos Polarion solutions at Embedded Technology Show, Japan
Kikuo Okano and Akira Hojo from Toyo demo Polarion ALM at Embedded Technology 2013 in Japan
Our partners at Toyo Corporation have done a great job translating and localizing Polarion ALM into Japanese, thus eliminating a major potential market barrier. We look forward to helping them to success with their efforts in Japan... one more example of Polarion Software's global focus and presence.
Polarion ALM user interface in Japanese
Polarion ALM user interface in Japanese
Banner: Polarion Automotive Solutions - ISO 26262, SPICE, CMMI