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Unified ALM-PLM: Helping Break Down Development Silos

The successful adoption of application lifecycle management (ALM) [Polarion ALM] and product lifecycle management (PLM) has given Siemens the last major piece to its “systems-driven product development environment” - as IoT leads to even more connected medical devices, cars, factories, and other emerging solutions. The parallel silos formed around ALM and PLM solutions have come crashing down with better supported ALM-PLM integration. In the past, we discussed a unified ALM-PLM roadmap with a future vision, strategy, and steps toward success.
Using the Polarion Connector for Teamcenter allows you to ensure - and track - software requirements satisfy product requirements (and vice versa). In addition, software engineers have the ability to derive product requirements in software requirements from the ALM environment.

Learn more about Polarion Connector for Teamcenter in our extension portal [LINK HERE]

Release 1.0.2 was made available in March 2016 and offers a number of key benefits: Integrated Requirements Management Ensure and track that software requirements satisfy product requirements (and vice versa) Enable software engineers can derive software requirements from product requirements Integrated Software Change Management Initiate product changes and resulting software changes from Teamcenter Software change analysis for accurate product change decisions Accountability and Traceability Access traceability from user’s native environment with Polarion UI embedded in Teamcenter and Teamcenter Active Workspace embedded in Polarion Software and product changes traceability Closed Loop Embedded Systems and Software Hardware-software dependencies and BOM management in Teamcenter Link BOM ECU with software artifacts, manually upload embedded software binary into BOM item Unified ALM-PLM removes barriers and provide toolsets able to improve testing completed as part of your development lifecycles. Software typically requires many more changes as part of the development process - and during the post-launch phase - Polarion ALM offers real-time end-to-end lifecycle traceability, visibility, and team collaboration.