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Create User Clusters Based on Common Interests

Gears Honored Contributor Gears Honored Contributor
Gears Honored Contributor

PLMConX in Phoenix this year was a great event to bring users together but I noticed it fell short of facilitating aggregation of users or providing people with common interests to find each other and gather at a common place.


During lunch and tea/coffee breaks, it was almost impossible to find out such people since most of them were meeting for the first time or were simply not aware of users with common interests like NX, Technomatix, Solid Edge, Teamcenter or any specialized topic like Sheetmetal or Generative Design.


Also, not everyone would be wearing a ribbon made available for each product or domain and with the tiny ribbons, it was difficult to find out people in the crowd.


It would be a good idea to place tall pole signs similar to those put up by gas stations or popular food joints:


ps01.png    ps02.png


Or place large size flags/banners/placards for each product with their distinct logos and colors so that people from far off can notice and realize that there is a designated place out there where they can definitely meet people of common interest.




So wherever in the convention center, each one knows their destination and can head in the correct direction to reach the desired place.GendDesign.png



Great feedback, Tushar!


In 2018 we implemented the Connected Conversations for users to meet with one another and share common issues/goals/etc as well as additional signange by each connection.


Since these were new and somewhat testing areas - attendees at Realize LIVE 2019 can expect to see them a little more refined and expanded upon in well more locations and opportunities to engage and meet with like minded folks.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights on this!

-Lester Cornelius