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Involve More Users

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The Realize Live 2019 event should look back not just on the previous year but a decade or more - about 15 yrs. In those days, around 2001-2005, Solid Edge was growing rapidly and more people embracing it and becoming proficient, but not really experts.


So it was mostly Siemens PLM (i.e. UGS) employees who conducted sessions at annual meets. I think this should change, though not drastically but gradually. End users should be encouraged to present and share knowledge.


Last year I struggled, begging so many people to let me present at the Connection event. Finally, I was 'accommodated' with Mark Thompson and though the presentation went well, it was overall a sad episode.


SiemensPLM should encourage and support more end-users to do the presentations and knowledge sharing.


Solid Edge University is conducted in 10-12 cities out here in India and most are full of sales presentations and demos and nothing really to learn as expected from a 'university'. My request for presenting a knowledge session was ignored this year as well for local events.


I would like to see more of end-users involved in the presentations at Realize Live 2019


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What I would like to see are more User/Customer presentations.

I would also like to see workshops/seminars on how to make better use of the existing software. Not so much on what’s new and cool but as John Baker one said, “What’s  Old and Bold”

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Great thread!   We definitely are looking to see more stories from our users.   Balancing the "new and cool" and "old and bold" is always a challenge.     Does the community have some great specific examples related to Old and Bold that would be good for Realize Live 2019?


We understand the challenges of having to prepare for a session at the event and do a day job.   We are looking at ways to engage presenters early to help them prepare well and get tips from presentation advisors/coaches to help them along the way.   We'll communicate more about those offerings after the call for presentations is done.


For now - we'd like to continue the conversation on specific topics the community would like to hear more about at Realize Live!  Keep those ideas flowing

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@Tushar - I could give Solid Edge & Teamcenter presentations but that also wasn't an option this year. Showing how I resolved an issue and having that converstation with more users expands the knowledge so much. Managed vs. Unmanaged SE is vastly different and I think that is misunderstood.



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Yes, more user presentations are definitely better.

NX used to have roughly 50% user talks (depending on the track).

But now every company is so "right sized" that no one has time to put together a talk, or has to get so many levels of management approval to talk about something really generic, I think it is harder to get users to present.


I know Siemens internally know what users/companies are using the new features, if they can encourage/cajole/whatever these companies to present, it would be useful to all.


And I don't EVER want Siemens from stifling a user when they say "feature X doesn't work" (except *maybe* to ask if the user filed an IR with GTAC)


Note I do appreciate the "whats new" type talks from Siemens - just so I'm made aware of stuff that can be used once we upgrade.

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