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2 Word Specs in a top level part family issue


In RS 8.10 we are trying to setup an application having 2 Word Specs at the top level part family. The templates used in both specs have unique bookmark names and use corresponding unique properties. In Architect we can setup this without any problem (i.e. a top level PF may have multiple Word Specs defined).


However, now comes the strange thing. During runtime in RS Engineer all properties connected to a bookmark from all paragraph specs are transferred to the opened Word Spec. Since we are using unique bookmarks for each Word Spec, RS Engineer cannot find the bookmarks of unbound properties and places them at the current cursor position.


Question is: can you have multiple Word Specs in a top level part? If so, how do you bind properties to these documents.


Below you can find the screenshots of the used setup in RS Architect:

Rulestream ETO Architect_2016-06-14_16-44-11.pngRulestream ETO Architect_2016-06-14_16-44-28.pngRulestream ETO Architect_2016-06-14_16-45-10.pngRulestream ETO Architect_2016-06-14_16-45-48.png


Re: 2 Word Specs in a top level part family issue

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Valued Contributor



it's a known issue. Official advice I got from Siemens some time ago is: don't create more than one spec in single part.

Moreover sometimes this happens also if you have specs in different parts but one of them is top part.


Workaround applied by me: separate suppart in top part for word spec with one word top part family containing a subpart for each spec.

And works likea charm

Re: 2 Word Specs in a top level part family issue

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Another option that works well is to architect you application into multiple branches under the "Top Part".  We have initial branches that represent "User Input", "Functional Design", "Mechanical Design", "Physical Design (SolidWorks)"  and "Reports".  Architecting your application this way allows multiple views of the application.




Top Part

  • User Input
  • Functional Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Physical Design
    • SolidWorks Model for Details
    • SoildWorks Model for Arrangement
  • Reports
    • B.O.M. Report
    • Data Sheet
    • Layout Dimensions

I would add a screen shot but I can't figure out how to add it to this message.

Re: 2 Word Specs in a top level part family issue

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Community Manager

I have found that the Lithium platform being used for the Siemens communities doesn't work very well with Internet Explorer.  The inability to add "Photos" to a post is one example of this and has been relayed to the support team for their consideration.   Although an IE user, I switch over to Google Chrome whenever I need to do more than enter just text when writing to this community.  When selecting the "Photos" icon while using Chrome a dialog appears that allows you to add images.