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Ability to program the Visible property

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Hello folks,


Why is isn't it possible to program the "Visible" property of a part family property just as it can be done with the "Enabled" property? Will this be possible in future releases?


Re: Ability to program the Visible property

It's been that way since the very beginning. As of 8.11.1, there is a related ehnancement that may help.


This doesn't hide the entire control that is bound to a property, and it doesn't hide properties that have been set by a user, but it will hide calculated values (by blanking them out). So, depending on what you are specifically trying to do, this might do the trick.


There is a new "Display Value" tab on the property constraint that controls whether the display value of a calculated property should be hidden on the UIs. By selecting "Always", only user-inputted values will be displayed in a UI control bound to that property. "Never" will always display the value, whether calculated or user-inputted. "From Formula" allows the rule author to write a formula that returns a boolean value to control whether calculated values should be displayed or not.




Re: Ability to program the Visible property

Hello Rich_S,


Thanks for your answer. We are still on version 8.11.0 due to Solid Edge issues but as soon as we have updated I will have a look at this.

Re: Ability to program the Visible property

Historically "Best Practices" for "User Interfaces" says that control should not appear and disappear from a user interface based on rules or other user choices.  The disappearing of controls on a user interface make the user interface hard to use,unpredictable for the end user and hard to train an end user.  Thus controls are "Enabled/Disabled" by rules.