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Custom Teamcenter Item ID


Hello all, 


what would be the easiest way to change the ItemID of the object to be created on the runtime to a custom value while using Rulestream with NXManagedMode set to true?


So that means, I don't want to use the standard ID generator of TC and would like to type a custom ID in my user interface and Rulestream should then use this custom ID while cloning and creating the new object. 


The first solution that I could come up with was mapping the ItemProperty "ID" with a Rulestream Property which is then visible and enabled on my UI. Unfortunately that doesn't work and NX hangs for an eternity trying to clone the template. 


Is there any other way you could recommend? 


Thanks in advance! 



Re: Custom Teamcenter Item ID

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Mapping the Item ID to a Rulestream property on the Teamcenter Spec should do the trick. This assumes:

1. That an item with that ID does not already exist

2. That TC naming rules allow your item ID


Is there anything in the logs that might give a hint as to the problem?