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Dimensions in NX Drawing template


I'm configuring an assembly in NX from an empty model. I create an assembly drawing template. How to arrange the dimensions on it? The template refers to an empty model.


Re: Dimensions in NX Drawing template

This has worked for us in our application. (Solid Edge)


In the drawing view you are using, enable view of the principle plane you would like to measure from. Then, in the draw in view environment, draw a line for each dimension you want to measure. Add a dimension with a descriptive name so you can bind the correct property to that dimension in the Rulestream specification. 


On the main drawing view you should then be able to add a dimension from the plane to the line you created as a draw in view. Since the distance is driven by the property, it should always change with your model. Hope this helps you!



Re: Dimensions in NX Drawing template

Thank you, Sam!

I'll try this method i n SE.