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How to do Rulestream & Teamcenter integration

Dear All, Can any one has any Idea about the Rulestream and Teamcenter Integration? As well as need to understand what is the Business flow for any CAD Application -> Rulestream -> Teamcenter Is it like Rulestream drives a role in between CAD and Teamcenter My Understanding is : Design SubPart Families ->Part Families for particular product -> then Map those Objects to CAD application (So to Dynamically Change the Design) -> Once the specific Inputs are captured for a design with respect to rules defined-> Final Design docs and Sales BOM will be generated as reports in Rulestream.-> Map the resultant Objects again with Teamcenter Please help me to understand this correctly Mainly looking out for a flow and how to Integrate withTeamcenter. (Steps or any documents). Thanks & Regards, Samarth.

Betreff: How to do Rulestream & Teamcenter integration

Hello Samarth,


I do not understand correctly your question. 

What do you want to achieve with Rulestream?

Which CAD System are you looking for? Managed or non Managed? What should be stored in TC and what information do you need from TC? How das the current Process you have looks like?




Betreff: How to do Rulestream & Teamcenter integration

Hi Christian, I just wanted to know mainly how we can integrate Rulestream and Teamcenter? Thanks, Samarth.

Betreff: How to do Rulestream & Teamcenter integration



Not sure I can help you as I haven't used the teamcenter integration yet, but have you installed and configured Rulestream as explained in this document?

Betreff: How to do Rulestream & Teamcenter integration

Hi Matta,


Thanks a lot for the document. It will be a really good to start with some thing. As I am exploring .myself.. abt how I can use rulestream from CAD & Teamcenter prospective I have started this learning..

I will update you for sure once I proceed with it....


Thank you once again.