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MasterDocuments permissions for Engineer

For a user that is using Engineer to run an application and never use Architect, what file permissions are needed for the MasterDocuments folder?

Full Control, Read & Execute, or just Read?

Accepted by topic author breving
‎10-03-2016 12:44 PM

Re: MasterDocuments permissions for Engineer

Engineer users should generally only need read permission on master docs.


Exceptions would be:

  • if you are using reflection to call into an external DLL that resides in master docs
  • if your Rulestream line item has some rule extensions that create content in MasterDocs (such as what we often call "mini apps" that maintain component database information and templates in MasterDocs).

Re: MasterDocuments permissions for Engineer

@Rick_S Thanks for the reply. I was pretty sure about the first part, but your exceptions were very valuable. The first one is something we are just about to roll out on one of our apps, so this was very helpful to know.