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Match Coordinate Constraints in an Assembly


 Hi all!


So I've been playing around with the match coordinate constraint to determine its functionality, it seems like a useful tool so far.  I have, however, run into an issue when using this constraint for multiple assembly levels.  It works fine when the constraint is used for the assembly directly related to the part family where the constraint is located but I've been having issues trying to constrain parts families that are more than one step down in the same top level assembly.


Assembly Example.JPG



For example, I have tried to constrain SubAssembly1 to SubAssembly2 in TopLevelAssembly using a match coordinate constraint but I can't seem to get it working.  On the other hand, I've had no problems using the match coordinate constraint for SubAssembly2 and SubAssembly3 in the Assembly2 assembly.


Has anyone had this same problem and found a solution or is this functionality not available?





Re: Match Coordinate Constraints in an Assembly

PLM World Member Genius PLM World Member Genius
PLM World Member Genius

I believe the reason is that the parts / assemblies being contstrained must exist in the same assembly. They can not be in another sub-assembly.


However, it does bring up the question of how to constrain two assemblies to each other using features that exist within parts they contain.