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Multiple application with unique Release.Bat files

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

We have multiple applications but need unique Release.Bat files per application.  This is easily solved by customizing the coding in the Release.Bat file for each application in the master documents file. Since the file name is not unique per master documents folder it is also easy to override your customizations when you forget that each application has specific needs.  


In our environment we have 12 production applications of which 4 have unique Release.Bat functionality while the remaining 8 have no Release.Bat.  In order to preserve the customizations over time with people coming in and out of the organization we decided to solve this issue by having a generic Release.Bat file that loops over the application master documents folder and executes any bat file Prefixed with "Release Custom".   Now since the Release.bat file with the customizations is named uniquely it should ensure no future developer overwrites the file with the generic Release.Bat file name.  


Here is the folder and file structure.





                               Release Custom App1.Bat




                               Release Custom App2.Bat




                               Release Custom App3.Bat




                               Release Custom App4.Bat


Also attached is the generic Release.Bat file and 2 Unique files, Release CUSTOM App1.Bat and Release CUSTOM App2.Bat files.  (Note the attached file had their extension changed to .txt to upload.)