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Part Family Instance


Hi everyone!


I have run into an issue deleting an instance of a part family (when multiple instances are used) with the subpartID no longer equaling the intance number.  For example, in the Model Tree on the UI, if I were to run 3 instances of a particalur part family then delete the second one I would see:


Part Family: 1

Part Family: 3


When I look in the properties, the Subpart Index for 'Part Family: 1' is 1 but for 'Part Family: 3' it's 2.


I've found that if I delete all but the first instance then add more, this problem corrects itself.  If I were to add another instance after the third part family it would be 'Part Family: 4' with a Subpart Index of 3.


Has anyone run into this issue?  Also, how does the instance number of a part family relate to the Subpart Index?




Re: Part Family Instance


Hi, @tbridg


These indexes which are attached to the names are not the Subpart Indexes. They are just parts of the names of the instances in string format.


"Part Family: 1", "Part Family: 3" are just the names of the partfamily instances. The names must be unique thats why RS adds some numbers "1" and "3" ant the end during the instantiation. They are not related to the SubpartIDs