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Release 8.14.0 Erratum

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Community Manager

Two updates have been made to the files associated with Rulestream Release 8.14.0.



Due to technical difficulties the Release Notes posted were missing information on some new features.  This has been corrected.  If you had already downloaded the Release Notes you may want to disregard those and obtain the latest copy.



Feature documentation that had been omitted:





Solid Edge


Ability to Instantiate Native SE Draft Block Entities

This feature allows rule authors to specify the behavior to instantiate native Solid Edge Block(s) into a target Solid Edge Drawing file at runtime.

More detailed instructions on how to use the "Solid Edge - Block" spec are found in the "What's New" section of this document.



The structure tab of the Teamcenter item spec is deprecated

The Teamcenter BomLine Spec is now the supported method for adding children to an item's structure. The structure tab of the item spec will continue to work in this release but will be removed in Rulestream 9. Customers that presently use the structure tab should begin migration of their rules to this new approach.



Teamcenter multi-item search

A bug was fixed that now allows single-item and multi-item Teamcenter searches to be called by the same API function with the same arguments, namely: g_RsEngineer.Search(PF.ObjId, Spec.SpecID)



End of support for Office 2007

As Microsoft Word and Visio 2007 are approaching end of extended support by Microsoft, they will no longer supported by Rulestream.



Disabled checkboxes skipped

The checkbox control in the Engineer Custom UI builder will now be omitted by the UI tab order, meaning tabbing from control-to-control will skip disabled check boxes. 

RS Eng.


Engineer command line options with offline client

A bug has been fixed such that it is now possible to use the /offline command line option together with those which specify the project, line item, profile, and process to use. Previously, the /offline switch was incompatible with those other options that allowed bypassing the Rulestream project line-item screen.




The Platform Installer was updated to correct an issue with TCIN NX filesIf you had already downloaded the installer AND are effected by this issue you will want to download and use the latest copy.