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RuleStream Property Inheritance


What’s the best practice used to share properties between multiple line items in RuleStream, i.e., property inheritance from one line item to another.


Let’s say that I have multiple line items that have a color property, and if I change the paint color on one line item, I would want that change to copy to the rest of the line items.


Re: RuleStream Property Inheritance

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

It sounds like you are talking about runtime inheritance (which is a little different from design-time inheritance). Design-time inheritance is where you write the formula once (or change it once) and the change is replicated in the 'subscribing properties - in Architect). Run-time inheritance (what I believe is you are referring to) is when you are in RS Engineer and want to change color property on one component and want other components to also change to that color. We have done it in many cases in a couple of different ways: 1) Have Color property on rootpart and have the subparts (i.e. the components) fetch their value from the rootpart 2) Have Color property on the component partfamily and in its whenchanged formula, change the other components' Color property to the same value