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Teaching material


Hi everyone!


We are two students currently working on our master thesis involving Rulestream. However, we are struggling to find documentation explaining the basic use of Rulestream Architect and Engineer. We are aware of the Rulestream Essentials course which some seen to be offering, but that's not available in Norway as of yet.


Are there any beginner tutorials for someone who wants to start using the software? We currently have a working (licensed) copy of Rulestream and can log in with our users. We also have  an expressions driven model in NX which we would like to import into Rulestream, but don't know how to go about this.


If there is any setup required to make Rulestream work with NX it would be highly appreciated.




Re: Teaching material


I would also be interested in any additional learning materials/documentation. At my company, we took the Rulestream Essentials course that gave us the basics. Everything else we figured out through trial and error, working with Siemens, or looking at this blog.


Try asking someone from Rulestream to send you a PDF copy of the Essentials manual. It has exercises in it for beginners to start using the program.


Best wishes working on your thesis,



Re: Teaching material

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

As your project is in Norway I would like to get our contacts responsible for your region to speak with you directly regarding your training needs so that they can determine how best to support you locally.


I have forwarded your request to Dave Stringer (Siemens PLM - Europe) and Illka Karvonen (Ideal PLM) and asked them to follow-up with you and your professor, Terje Rølvåg.


- Tony

Re: Teaching material

Solution Partner Experimenter Solution Partner Experimenter
Solution Partner Experimenter

I have send you a private message with more details, but as Tony said we do Rulestream in Nordic. We also deliver trainings, but probably we should first check the use case you have.


Anyway, I am  happy to help you to get started.



Re: Teaching material

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hmm.. I'm using Rulestream for couple of years and frankly speaking I'd be interested in having actual training materials as well.

All I have is Rulestream Essentials and RS API but all are based on 8.6 version and are outdated, not very good and without prepared environment (which we didn't recieve with a course) some excercises are impossible to complete.


Are there any more modern training materials? (i've tried to search on GTAC but wasn't able to find)

If so can you please share them with us?

Adam Liszkiewicz
Configuratori Polska