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Using the Rulestream Thin Client


Does anyone know what UI controls are supported in the Rulestream thin client?  Also any recommendations / best practices for making an application using thin client controls would be appreciated. 


Also has anyone created an application that runs in both the Thin Client and Thick Client?


Re: Using the Rulestream Thin Client

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

We're using ThinClient and it seems that all controls available in UI designer work more or less fine.

All our applications need to work both under ThinClient and Rich Client.

Only couple of notes we have found so far:

 - Interface is drawn a bit different in ThinClient so if you have your controls packed very tight in UI, they might be cut in ThinClient where in Rich Client they will look good.

 - PictureBoxes fails to load images if they are in subfolder of MD(even if slashes changed). If they are directly in MD everything works

- If picturebox is set to automatically fit to image it sometimes get wrong size (image is stretched). When size is set manually everything works fine.

- Document launcher button sometimes throws an error but downloads the file anyway

- Sometimes steps status does not refresh properly. If controlled by rules sometimes it is required to switch step to another to refresh Process Window. But you're using Wizard buttons it seems to work fine.


That's more or less everything that came to my mind now.


Re: Using the Rulestream Thin Client


Thank you for the information.