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Word Specification. Release area is not editable.

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How can we edit the Release settings?


I want word report to be generated on pressing the Release button.

Or need a function that creates the word document in the specified folder - to created document by pressing a button without visiting the word specification process step.





Re: Word Specification. Release area is not editable.



Some of the newer integrations don't participate in releases, Word is one of those. You'll need to use something like the following, triggered by one of the release events to generate the document. It will place it in the local working folder. Use "WORD" as the SpecName and ThePart should be the Rulestream part family instance that contains the Word Document Spec.


    Public Function ReleaseDocumentOutput(ByRef ThePart As Part, ByVal SpecName As String) As Integer
        Dim ReturnStatus As Integer = -1   ' Assume error unless otherwise
        For Each spec As Spec In ThePart.Specs
            'Loop Thru All Specs, finding the Word Spec we want
            Dim strSpecName As String = spec.Name
            If (strSpecName = SpecName) Then
                ' Found the Spec, release it
                ReturnStatus = g_RsEngineer.CreateOutput(ThePart.ObjId, spec.SpecID, Nothing, False)
            End If
        Next spec
        Return ReturnStatus
    End Function



Re: Word Specification. Release area is not editable.