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Attaching a Debugger to Engineer

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With the ability to set a stop point in any Property formula from a right-click on the Property in the Property display window (generally lower right of the Engineer window, if enabled), you need to connect a debugger to Engineer to step through your formula and look at the values of variables within it.



  •  The following needs to be set for JIT debugging:


  •  If running 32-bit Rulestream this key needs to be set as well:



Here are the steps:

1. Start Engineer

2. Attach a Visual Studio 2015 debugger to the Engineer process by starting up Visual Studio 2015, then choosing Debug > Attach to Process…



3. Select the RsEngineer.exe process from the Dialog that opens:



4. In Engineer, select the Property or Properties that you wish to debug by right-clicking on each property desired, choose to Debug Formula and then select the action you want to debug:



Value inserts a "Stop" in the Formula for this Property

When Changed inserts a "Stop" in the When Changed Formula for this Property

Valid Values inserts a "Stop" in the Valid Values Formula for this Property

User Interface inserts a "Stop" in the UI Formula for this Property


 5. When the specified condition is met the selected Formula will be displayed in the Debugger so that the values of the variables in the formula may be examined.