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CAD Attributes Scanned, by Integration

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Attached are four MS Word documents -- one for each of our CAD integrations. They contain the attributes Rulestream currently recognizes when scanning a geometry template.


I'm providing them here as-is, with no warranty, neither expressed nor implied, for the following reasons:


  • Some of the data was scanned directly from the code, others required manual effort to gather
  • It will take time to verify the accuracy of what was collected
  • Reformatting to make consistent will also take time
  • This is data extracted from Rulestream Architect code -- It has not been validated for proper usage within Rulestream Engineer


As this is something we've all wanted for a long time I've decided to not delay things any further, but instead get these posted immediately for your perusal.  If you have any questions or find any issues, please let me know and I'll work with the DEV team to address them.


You will see that the data provided is different by integration, a reflection of these different CAD systems.  For SE and SWX, data appearing under the "Attribute" column is read/write, otherwise it's read-only.  The Creo report indicates the read/write attributes.  The NX report has a column indicating true/false for read/write.

Solution Partner Pioneer Solution Partner Pioneer
Solution Partner Pioneer

Thanks, Tony. I didn't say thanks before now, but this has come in very handy.