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Copying database tables that hold user licenses and application information from the Rules database.

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We have multiple production databases that are created from one development database.  When we need to add/remove a user from an application I need to update multiple databases using the "User Manager".  I would like to just have my DBA copy the tables from the development rules database to all the production rules databases.  What tables do I need tell my DBA to copy from the Rules database to accomplish this task?


I think somebody from Siemens should respond to this one but I believe it is the Users and User Roles tables. I also don't believe it might be easy to copy the tables individually (using scripts I assume) because of the referential integrity that is enforced. If you don't have user roles, this would not be a problem.




Hi Bob,


don't forget to copy the Application_Users. This handles the User controll to the applications.






The Dependencies that both Dharmesh and Christian state are correct.  However, there are additional Dependencies as shown by a right-click on the various Table names and selecting "View Dependencies", choosing both radio button dependency selections.


The Users table's User_ID is used in the User_Roles table to map a User_ID to their Roles by Role_ID.

The Role_ID is defined in the Roles table.


Assuming that you have the same Users, with the same defined Roles in the Master Development DB and the various other DBs, you should be ok there.


Things get more complicated when you take into account the Application_Users table, where App_IDs are mapped to User_IDs.  Since the App_IDs are defined in the Application table, those SAME Applications' App_IDs need to be consistent across all RulesDBs, and, therefore, all the Application_* tables. 

Probably, most customers only have entries in the Application and Application_Users table, but I see that, at least in one of your DBs we have here you have entries in the Application_Version table (although they may be old).


So, as long as ALL those bolded tables are in sync on the Master Rules DB, and they are all synced down to the Secondary Rules DBs, it should work to copy them via scripts.


Hope that helps!


Assuming that the Development Database is the master that holds all the users and licenses I just need to have my DBA copy the following databases to the Production Databases: