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Definitions of Recalculate, Demand All, and Refresh All Views

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These are the definitions of Recalculate, Demand All and Refresh All Views.




This invalidates all properties, subparts and connections of the part being recalculated, even when the property/subpart/connection has cached values.  Recalculate forces all formulae to be re-run.


Demand All:


Forces a request to provide the properties/subparts/connections of the part being demanded. Only those formulae that have been invalidated will be executed.  Cached values will be returned. Demand All is generally called when saving a model to the database or when Visio or SolidWorks needs to render the RS model.  This ensures that new parts not yet demanded will be demanded so they can be shown in Visio or SolidWorks.


NOTE:  In general this is not used by Rule Authors as it’s a very time-consuming operation


Refresh All Views:


This calls ‘RefreshModelView’ of every RS View. Every RS View in turn refreshes (demands) the properties/subparts/connections that appear on that View.