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Exporting XML Programmatically

by Community Manager Community Manager ‎04-18-2016 11:04 AM - edited ‎04-18-2016 11:06 AM

The following explains how to programmatically create an XML from Rulestream Engineer to simulate a user choosing “Model -> Export XML” from the menu.


ObjectManager.SaveXML Method (String, Int32, String, String, Int16, Boolean) saves the information required to rehydrate this model into XML


Namespace:  RuleStream.Kernel
Assembly:  Kernel (in Kernel.dll)



 Public Function SaveXML ( _

        strProject As String, _

        lngLineItem As Integer, _

        strComment As String, _

        strXMLFile As String, _

        intSaveMode As Short, _

        TestMode As Boolean _

) As Boolean





  • Type: String
  • ProjectID to put into the Model node (can be used to specify a recommended ProjectID to use at load-time).



  • Type: Int32
  • LineItemID to put into the Model node (can be used to specify a recommended LineItemID to use at load-time).



  • Type: String
  • Comment to be put into the Model node.



  • Type: String
  • Filename (and path) to save the XML file to.



  • Type: Int16
  • [Optional] The number of levels down the Model to save. Passing -1 forces all levels to be saved, not just the properties with overrides.



  • Type: Boolean
  • [Optional] Set to True to denote test mode.


Return Value

status as Boolean [True = success]