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How to Open an IR with GTAC

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Siemens Experimenter

Here are the steps to creating an IR in GTAC.


Be sure to include all non-zero sized log files, located here:


 where x.y.z = your Installed version of Rulestream, such as 8.12.0


If that link doesn’t work, here is how to navigate there:


Go to the External GTAC site:


Then hit this button: "Create or Update an Incident Report"


Then hit the little red question mark right beside “Create new call”


It has step-by-step directions:



To initiate a support call to GTAC, access the “Create new call” module and fill out all required fields (marked with a red asterisk *.)


  1. Switch to the “Create new call” tab
  2. Select the IR contact in the Contact Name field Note: To see more contact information, hover over the user icon next to the selection list.
  3. If your default sold-to is a “Distributor” sold-to, you will also need to enter the sold-to of the end-user reporting this issue in the End User Sold-to field.
  4. Enter a short description of between 10 and 80 characters in length Note: The short description must be entered in English.
  5. Select your software configuration using the Product, Application, & Release fields
  6. Select your hardware configuration using the Platform, Operating System, & OS Version fields
  7. Enter a detailed description of your problem in the Problem Text text area. Note: The Problem text field supports entering text in your local language.
  8. (Optional) Non-US customers can also select the International Support (English) option to allow the IR to be automatically assigned to any available GTAC engineer that can support the call in English. This improves the customer support business including International Knowledge Pool mechanism where GTAC support engineers with the same expertise in different countries are organized into the country support groups allowing support requests to be routed based on a customer’s preference. Note: If this option is selected, the Problem text field must be entered in English
  9. (Optional) The Customer Reference field is a user-definable free-text field for storing a searchable cross-reference identifier into the customer’s helpdesk ticketing system. This field is limited to 10 characters.
  10. (Optional) The Other Reference field is a is a user-definable free-text field useful for filtering searches. This field is limited to 25 characters.
  11. (Optional) The External Reference field is a user-definable free-text field useful for filtering searches. This field is limited to 8 characters.
  12. (Optional) To add other e-mail addresses as CC’s on IR emails, enter extra addresses in the Additional Email Addresses field Separate multiple entries with a comma.

After the IR has been successfully created, a dialog will appear with information on the next steps to take: The IR create confirmation dialog.


Thanks to Trent for gathering these directions!