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How to submit a Knowledge Base article

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tony,


How can I create an entry to the knowledge Base area? I'm quite sure that there are users who would like to spread their experience.


Best Regards





The process is:


1. Sign in as a registered user

2. Create a new Forum article

3. Under the "Option" item (Upper-right) of the article . . .

4. ... Select "Nominate to Knowledge Base"


tkb.jpgNumbers correspond with the numbered process stepsNumbers correspond with the numbered process steps

I will receive a notification that a Forum article has been nominated for creating a Knowledge Base article.  I then review, edit and post.  As the nominator you receive credit for the contribution.  


Note:  You may also [Post a Comment] to a Knowledge Base article.  It too will be reviewed and then added via a revision.  You receive credit for these submissions as well.


- Tony