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Occurrences with the SWX Integration

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As our oldest integration, SWX has a lot of capabilities that were developed before newer ones were implemented with the other integrations.  Although we would like to have all of the integrations at the same level at the same time, due to the differences in the CAD systems and our customer's varied needs, this just isn't possible.


One capability implemented in all but the SWX integration is that of "Occurrences" -- the ability to use the same part file multiple times in an assembly rather than create duplicates.  What follows is an explanation how this concept was implemented within our SWX integration.



Although the interactive session may create multiple, unique occurrences of a part (ex. four unique wheels within a car assembly), upon release these wheels are identified as being the same and therefore only one occurrence of a wheel is created.


Rulestream/SWX implemented the use of a custom property called xRSBaseFileName.  Add this to a SolidWorks model or drawing so that upon “release” the value of that property will be used to rename the model or drawing that gets placed into the Release folder.  Ex. If setup properly for the Wheel part family, upon release  only one wheel.prt is placed into the Release folder.


How to Implement:

Note: Steps outlined below are for a SolidWorks model. It works the same way for a SolidWorks drawing.


RS Architect:

  • Add a custom property to your SolidWorks model called “xRSBaseFileName
    1. Note: This is case sensitive.
    2. Give it a default value.
  • Scan in your SolidWorks model.
  • You will find “xRSBaseFileName” under the META branch of the tree in the grid
  • Map a RS property to drive this value.
    1. Note: If you do not add a property, it will use the default value that was scanned in.


RS Engineer:

  • Run a line item using the SolidWorks model from above.
  • Release the line item.
  • Close line item.
  • Open SolidWorks model outside of Rulestream and see that the name of the file has been updated to the value of the “xRSBaseFileName” property

Thanks! This sounds like a solution for an issue we've been dealing with for a long time. What Rulestream and SolidWorks versions support this feature?


- Ville