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RSstandard - What it is and what it does

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RSStandard is a Rulestream boolean property used to make a CAD part either parametrically modifiable (FALSE) or non-modifiable (TRUE).


  • Back in the day you would create a custom property within the CAD model called RSStandard as a binary. 
  • Upon scanning into Rulestream you would have the option to bind this property to a Rulestream property and control it as you would any other property in the model.


  • Today, after we scan a part the grid will show all the properties of which RSA is aware and then append RSStandard as a an additional property.
  • The behavior of the part, depending on the Boolean state of the property, continues to work as stated.
  • You can bind this property to a Rulestream property in the Part Family as you would any other property in the grid.
  • You may change the state of this property between TRUE and FALSE as often as you like via rules/UI, however. . .

Once you instantiate that part in RSE, the value of RSStandard is then locked and cannot be altered without rescanning the template.