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Saving values into the Component Database on Release

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When a new design is generated and a part number is created, that part number will be available when searching in the future.

In order to add properties into the Components database, a number of fields must be defined.

The first is at the Part Family level. The ‘Output Table Name’ field defines which table is associated with the part. This setting will then enable the field name bindings for the properties of the part family. Here the PumpSelector part is linking to the PumpNumberLookup table:

P1.jpgOutput Table Name

Next, set the ‘Output Table Column Name’ in each property that must be written to the database when the model is released. In this example the PartNumber property will be written into the PumpModel field of the database record:

p2.jpgOutput Table Column Name

In RS Engineer the part number will be written into the Component database when the model is released.  Here we use the part number BOB  and then release the model:

p3.jpgPart Number "BOB"

Looking at the resulting data in the PumpNumberLookup table in SQL Server you can see the last column contains the new part number BOB.

This example only handled the part number but in order for the record to be complete the values for the other database fields must also be linked to properties for their values to be generated.