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CAD Blogging and CAD Journalism


The CAD part of the social media world is buzzing with a debate between CAD blogging and CAD journalism. Its not a new topic on the internet - we all know about the difficulties newspapers are having.

What kicked off the CAD version of this discussion was SolidWorks flying a number of SolidWorks bloggers to their headquarters to see what was new in their upcoming version. One of the rules for businesses using social media is to find enthusiast using your product and help them be enthusiastic about it. I understand why they did it and it seemed like a good move at the time.

Deelip Menezes took notice of these “Changing Times for the CAD Media” and wrote a spicy* piece to trigger some debate in comments and twitter. I engaged in a bit of twitter discussion with Jim Brown but I think we both realized you can’t have this deep of a discussion when limited to 140 character comments.

Yesterday, I found Roopinder Tara’s post, “Make the call, is the old CAD Press dead?” and Leslie Gordon’s and Martyn Day's well crafted replies. While I think what is going on with CAD reporting is hugely important, I’m not sure how to answer Roopinder’s question. It is clear from the boom of CAD focused, social media based perspectives that CAD media will continue to change.


*social media technical term grin


Hi Mark, I want to answer with question - what is so special about CAD blogging? Do you see it different from blogging about Microsoft, Google, technology, consumer products etc? Regards, Oleg

Valued Contributor

Mark, print journalism IS nearly dead and it died of irrelevance or outright journalistic superficiality and or lies. Just like network TV I unplugged nearly 6 years ago and replaced with trusted sources of information on the web so have I replaced print media with blogging sources I trust because I have enough cad and cam experience to independently verify that bloggers I read actualy use the stuff they write about and know the issues pro and con.



Interesting question. I don’t think CAD blogging or CAD social media is that different that what goes on with other industries but there are some twists.

I had a conversation with one of the bloggers at Dell a few weeks ago. In comparison, we both have a lot of people working with our products but there are some differences too. A customer might not write much about using a particular brand of PC but you can easily write a lot about using a CAD system.

I think that does bring a different dynamic. CAD people might want to know what is going on in the industry or upcoming product release ... OR they might want to know the best way to remove rounds or create features.



Mark, I understand the specific need of CAD users. This is probably similar to programmer blogs. The similar level of sophistication and kind of religious opinions… Do you see it this way? Oleg


I think that is a useful analogy for the software developers comparing it to programmer blogs.

There is certainly both low level and high level discussion, and a good mix of logic and “religion” (Java versus .NET, Windows versus Mac versus Linux).