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Do you know what Eigenvalue is?

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This morning, Bill McClure gave a presentation on the Velocity Series. While we have focused on Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology, there are three other Velocity Series products that deserve attention.

  • Femap - Mark Burhop blogged about Femap yesterday.

  • Teamcenter Express - I will be sitting in several sessions later today

  • CAM Express - Wednesday afternoon I will be covering this session.

Bill admitted that he wasn't taking a in-deep depth look at the products, that is left up to the users who know more about the product than we do wink I caught up with George Laird from Predictive Engineering after Bill's session. He is a user, a partner and a presenter at this years conference. Take a look at what he has to say about his presentation later this morning, the conference and Eigenvalue.


Honestly, I had to look that word up which forced me to learn something new!

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Sure, I know what an eigenvalue is.

Eigenvalues (and eigenvectors) are not only used in linear dynamics, they’re used in feature recognition too.  Which means they’re used in Synchronous Technology.