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Edison2 keynotes the Solid Edge ST4 Event

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It's several days post the Solid Edge ST4 event but this story is one that needs to be told. Leading up to the Solid Edge ST4 event, I did a post on  the keynote speakers Edison2. It's one thing to read about this unique car, it's another to be in attendance to hear and see both Chief of Design Ron Mathis and Brad Jaeger speak so passionately about Solid Edge and the Very Light Car.

Before you watch this video interview with Ron and Brad by my colleague Branco Liu, I must make this statement. It was asked and speculated during the event that  some other CAD system or systems were used for things such as surfacing, etc. I made it a point to seek out and ask Ron. He stated

The entire car, from design to surfacing, was done in Solid Edge!

If you would like to see Brad's presentation from the event, watch it below. One item you won't see in the presentation or the video is the how many people want this car today. With the price of petrol, having a car that can go 500 miles on a single tank of gas is HUGE! Not to mention the average car costs ~ $6 per pound with high-end autos costing upwards of $20 per lb. At a total weight of 830lbs (quick, do the math!), this car is going to be extremely affordable. I asked Ron when the commercial version of the car  will be ready. Although it's a long way off and he didn't confirm a date, he did share they recently completed a project with all women's college Sweet Briar in Virgina on the aesthetics of the car. The inside is going to be....SWEET!

[slideshare id=8367982&doc=racingtothefuturewithsolidedge-bradjaegerkeynote-110620141142-phpapp01]

Special thanks to Ron and Brad for conducting the numerous interviews, answering the  zillion questions and just being tremendous advocates of Solid Edge and synchronous technology! Here are a couple pictures of Tenlinks Editor Roopinder Tara interviewing Ron and Brad. Not only does Roopinder look great as a driver, he was able to move the car with a single finger!

Roopinder Tara Pushes Edison2 with his finger

Roopinder Tara Test Drives Edison2